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1.(of an object) having an edge or point that is able to cut or pierce something.

"cut the cake with a very sharp knife"synonyms: keen, razor-edged; More




smart in appearance.

"a spiffy new outfit"synonyms: fashionable, well dressed, elegant, trendy, stylish, chic, sharp, snazzy

"a spiffy new blazer"

Our goal is to provide our customers with eye drawing pieces that would get noticed in any event. Choose us! You won't have regrets.

SharpnSpiffy bracelets are my personal nonverbal introduction. It gives a fashion boost to any time piece. What does your style say about you? 

Patric Dennis
Real Estate Agent

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Jean Derissaint


We at SharpnSpiffy take pride in every piece we make. We strive to create hand made, top notch quality jewelry for each customer.  Whether its a gift or for  special occasions, our beaded bracelets are above the rest. 

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